FiancĂ©e Visits My Hometown

Last February, Nozomi and I had the chance to visit my family in the Philippines. It was a treat for us as we have been very busy at work just before the trip – an escape to a tropical country during the peak of winter. 🙂

Day 1: Travel from Tokyo to Manila to Tarlac City

Day 2: Attended the worship service at my home church, lunch with my family, coffee with Abcd – a good friend of mine from high school, afternoon drive to my high school, dinner with our pastor, travel back to Manila



Day 3.1: Sightseeing in Intramuros with the girls


Day 3.2: Jewelry shopping at Greenhills Shopping Center with the girls (again)


Day 3.3: Dinner with Ayz – a good friend of mine from college and my courtship coach! (wink)


Day 4: Fly back to Tokyo