The Suit

For my wedding suit, Nozomi and I went to a shop called azabu tailor to order a custom suit. I barely knew anything about suits but the guys at the shop were very nice, giving suggestions as we went through the process of picking each detail of my suit. A typically exceptional Japanese customer service!

We were able to get it just before I left to the US (a few weeks earlier than expected) and it WAS a perfect fit! There’s a small problem though, I’ve been eating more lately and I wonder if it will still fit after I get back..

The Suit


Bridal Hairstyle

My fiance and I had so much fun this evening – my hairstyle for the wedding has now been fixed 🙂 Thanks to Kito-san at Luck Hair!!

I imagined that it might be a little stress for me to decide hairstyle because I did not have a clue on what looks good on me and the dress I will be wearing. The hairstylist kindly explained some options to what my hair design can be with my hair length (medium-short) and with my hair color.

As I will be wearing a strapless dress, I was thinking of having my hair down with half-up look, but the hairstylist suggested to show my neckline and back of the head with chignon to give elegant and edgy look that will look gorgeous with shoulder-bearing dress; chignon softens the look as well. To add volume, the hairstylist curled the hair with iron and made cowlick. Then twisted side hairs and secured ends with pins.

We added an accent with a jeweled headband and blue flowers both hand-made from Lithuania =) Thank you, my dear fiance, my personal photographer, who was patiently waiting, smiling and taking photos while having the hair and make up done…♥

Hair and accessories Makeup Veil, wrapping up

Wedding Party

Planning to have a wedding reception, a casual party and/or after party…? We planned to have everything when we first started planning for our Big Day. As we began searching for places and planned out our time schedule for the Day, we decided that we will have wedding ceremony for EVERYONE and have a casual wedding party for family and close friends. We still wish to share time and enjoy party with everyone but we know we have many more opportunities to get together with our friends…! We will have bridal shower, bachelor party, house warming parties after the Big Day… etc. For anyone planning for everything but has a tight schedule (e.g., to leave to honeymoon) just like us, we suggest having less programs for the Day. You don’t want to look exhausted at the end of the Day…

I think anyone would want to have wedding party where it is comfortable, looks great on the photos and with yummy food. Our other priorities were: close distant from our ceremony place – the church in Daikanyama, easy access – by cab/bus/walking, good food, and flexibility of the restaurant to have us do what we want!!

Now, the issue was our budget and the number of guests. Some places require minimum number of guests and minimum charge, etc. We looked for about 4 -5 places both on websites and by visiting. We found this french restaurant in a single detached house! It was old and classy. They had everything we would ever dreamed of and nice&experienced staffs. BUT the date was booked already.

So we prayed – trusting that there would be something even better just for us… And here it is, we met this wonderful store manager and the restaurant…!  THE THEATRE TABLE at Hikarie.


Access is perfect, the food is italian served with buffet style which is GREAT, and their flexibility…!!! They do have minimum charge, but it was within our budget. Happy Happy Happy… We thought this place would be out of our reach, because of the location (Hikarie is one of the newest office/store complex in Shibuya!) The restaurant is new and is not a usual wedding party place. This is why the manager would suggest us to bring our own decorations and music. The restaurant will let us use their sound system (which I think is AWeSome QualitY!) and projector/screen for additional charge. We LOVE it.

We will have about 70 guests of family and close friends from abroad. Be ready for surprises planned for the party!!!


Wedding Dress


What will the bride be wearing?? I get this question asked so many times already!

I looked at number of dresses and came across this beautiful dress. Paulo and I quickly made a decision to get this one!

This dress is very simple, yet  elegant. The top bodice cut in sweetheart neckline with fully lace covered! The bottom is what took my breath away… It contains 22 layers of soft tulle to make this kind of princess look.






I am very petite and cannot find any thing that fit me well from regular sized dresses, so I have ordered custom-made. It is very pricy to have alteration of wedding gown in Japan, so I knew it would be smart to buy custom-made from the start! I recommend Etsy for meeting dress makers… I have a benefit of communicating with the designer for options and share my ideas and wants ♥

Here is the image of my dress – design inspired by Vera Wang.

Hand stamped DIY Invitations

photo (12)

We have just finished designing and printing our wedding invitations. We struggled a bit on the design and layout to have both Japanese and English and still look  great. I think we did a wonderful job. There are few special features to our invitations. First feature is that we hand stamped our guest names on RSVP cards in red. We love the color combination of our theme color- tiffany blue and the color of passion- red! I really enjoyed thinking about each guest while stamping their names..♥ Second feature is that we used all different textured papers – extra thick white paper, heavy kraft recycled paper and matte print photo paper. They look great when they all come together in one piece after tying with hemp string. I love the rough texture of the hemp string and the color combination… This invitation reflects Paulo and myself. We like to keep things simple and modern but we love things with warmth too. I think recycled paper color looks wonderful with our tiffany blue…!


This (on the right) is the very first invitation we finished for our friend in the US. It is freshly stamped and wrapped with lots of love and care♥

The invitations will be on its way to our guests very soon >>>

We made a DIY set here >>>

Invitations (All)