Ikuta Ryokuchi Park

The day after Nozomi and her family came back from their vacation in Italy, we decided to go somewhere to relax and spend quality time after a week of (almost) no communication. It was a cloudy Friday morning when we headed out to a nearby park Nozomi searched that morning – Ikuta Ryokuchi Park(生田緑地). The park was about a 20-minute bus ride from Mizonokuchi station so it was very accessible for both of us.

Nice autumn day

We were astonished with the park as it did have lots of greens; it felt as if we weren’t in Tokyo! The clouds cleared and soon after, we started our short hike in our boots. We had fun watching small wild birds, taking pictures of each other and the leaves that were turning.

Short hike, turning leaves

After some more walking, we decided to take a short break and enjoy the tea we brought at a nearby view deck. We then took the elevator up the 2-floor wooden deck (seriously, it did have an elevator) where we enjoyed a beautiful view of  Tokyo, Kawasaki and even mount Fuji! We took more pictures and eventually became hungry so we looked for a place to eat.

View deck, pointed house

Walking down a long slope, we found the soba noodles place in the map. We were surprised to see that it was inside a Japanese folk house – even better!

I personally loved this house because everything about it was authentic – the door, the lights, the fireplace, the food, everything! It was probably one of the best soba noodles I’ve had in a while and it was even more special because I had it with my fiancee.♥ We were tired from the hike but nevertheless, were very happy from all the (unexpected) pleasant things we had that day. Nozomi recommended it to her parents who visited a few weeks later and I was told that they also had a great time enjoying nature like we did.

Inside the pointed house, lunch

Recommended for people who want to see nature without having to travel too far away from Tokyo.

For more information, visit their website: http://www.ikutaryokuti.jp/hp/forein_en.html


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