Cafe time

Paulo and I have many things we like in common but one thing that stands out… really… is that we both Love Coffee. Not just the taste and aroma of the coffee that we like but also the feel of coffee shops. I remember we shared a lot of things about life in these coffee shops in Tokyo.

Coffee shop in just few steps from Shinjuku station >>>Photo 2013-01-26 10.52.31

Chelsea Cafe. They make wonderful espresso drinks. The barista also made those arts too! How lovely…♥ They have coco and desert menu too that you can enjoy. Paulo and I had the very first wedding planning here.

Recommended for couples for good coffee and desert. We loved the sofa seat, but if it is nice out, the balcony seats are also nice and warm too!

Not recommended for family with small kids as the shop is not smoking free…

Photo 2013-01-26 10.52.48

<<< Cafe and Restaurant in Daikanyama.

IVY PLACE. We have only tried desert and coffee. Paulo and I like the way the restaurant has different kinds of seatings – sofa, bar stools, patio and benches – this place is always packed and we need to wait at least 15 min to get our table when not reserved! We had pudding but it seems like waffle with ice cream is more famous here…!

I loved their rabbit art too!


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