Le Soleil

Cosmos! Going on a small trip to see cosmos has been something we were so excited about as the summer ended last year. We did plan to see some flower parks around the area during the cosmos season but typhoons came, and more important things came up so we decided to go try again next year. But after some searching, we found this place called Le Soleil(ソレイユの丘), a park in Yokosuka city approximately 70kms south of Tokyo. And according to their website, the cosmos were in full bloom that weekend!

So on that Saturday morning, we packed our bags and headed out to Le Soleil:


As we walked around, we found out that it wasn’t just your ordinary flower park. It was a huge park with tons of things to do! We continued to walk around and we found a few people waiting in line for something so we walked towards the front and read the sign: “Tomato-picking starts at 1pm”. It was 12:50 and we weren’t hungry, perfect timing.

Tomato picking

We had so much fun picking tomatoes and we did have a bountiful harvest. 🙂

Next stop: the mini zoo. I remember Nozomi telling me she hasn’t seen an Alpaca before so I was planning to take her to one of the nearby zoos before it became too cold to do so. So when we saw these guys, we were ecstatic! Another pleasant surprise. 🙂

Mini zoo

This was a priceless moment for me. Seeing her smile while petting and taking pictures of the animals touched my heart in a very distinct way. At that moment, I felt like I found one of my missions in life – to make my future wife smile.

The sun was up, we were excited and had so much energy so we went forward to see a church-like tower and we were (again) surprised with what we saw; a magnificent view of the beach.

Beach, sunset

Finally, we took some more shots of  cosmos, had our picture taken, and started planning to come back next year with the rest of her family. Indeed, it was a day filled with blessings.

More cosmos, sun down
Recommended for families and couples who want to get away from the city and  enjoy nature for a day. http://soleiljapan.jimdo.com


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